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Have you left the TV industry? Visit this research project 

Under reconstruction!

Welcome (back) to the former home of the UK TV Freelancers community.

You may remember this project as one of the first to champion the employment rights of freelancers in the TV industry, supporting the TV Wrap campaign in 2005. Since then, the work which began here has been continued by others elsewhere - mainly through the TV Watercooler in collaboration with BECTU.

This site is under reconstruction while we overhaul our mailing list - so please use the box above if you want to leave the list, or sign up.


If you used to work in TV, but no longer do, those running a new research project at Northumbria University would love to hear from you - and to have a brief chat by phone about your experiences. It's anonymous, and they'll share the final report with you, so you can see how others have got on who have made the same transition. More info here.

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