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In the early 2000's, a number of freelance professionals in the UK TV industry formed an online community where some of the difficult issues facing freelancers could be raised, discussed and addressed - increasing the bargaining power of individuals and removing some of the isolation in which they worked. The UK TV Freelancers community was born, and later its members contributed to the TV WRAP campaign which raised awareness of illegal employment practices in the sector. The community continues here today and has recently contributed to research on working experiences of new entrants, and the reasons why people leave the industry.

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If you used to work in TV, but no longer do, those running a new research project at Northumbria University would love to hear from you - and to have a brief chat by phone about your experiences. It's anonymous, and they'll share the final report with you, so you can see how others have got on who have made the same transition. More info here.

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